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A NEW ERA: Legalized Discrimination

Leaked Draft of Trump Administration’s “Religious Freedom” Executive Order

End tax-payer funded discrimination

We sent a letter from a broad coalition of 130 organizations to President Obama today, calling for an end to tax-payer funded discrimination under RFRA. You can view a copy of the letter here:

August 2015

Prayer showed poor judgment

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that legislative prayers, and even the use of taxpayer money to pay House and Senate chaplains, do not constitute the establishment of religion by government and are constitutional. But legislative bodies represent all people and constituents of all faiths or no faith at all. Sectarian prayers, and prayers that take sides in political and legislative affairs, should be avoided. Outside of the Bible Belt, that degree of separation between church and state is generally understood and respected. Read more…

June 2015

Court: School Grants Violate Church, State Judge Rules

N.H. Scholarship Plan Effectively Funds Religious Schools
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